Self and Soul in Tune

Counseling and Coaching services for consciousness, intrapersonal integration and authentic self-expression

„The self is originating from our mind, while our soul just IS. Disharmony and struggles arise, if these two are not in tune. The sounds of Self and Soul can be merged to a common melody, allowing Inner Peace, trust and a fulfilling life to evolve. That´s the purpose of psySOULogy.“   


The underlying process of PsySOULogy intends a peaceful integration of your diverse, inner aspects (including your dark facets!), yielding towards an inner friendship, that allows the prerequisites for an authentic and meaningful life to flourish.

PsySOULogy accesses mind, body and soul by an unique and individual combination of scientifically based information, models and techniques with wisdom and knowledge of an earth-based spirituality.

The side effects of the psySOULogical process are: Clarity, a smoother decision making, exercise in self-commitment (stick to a goal, setting healthy boundaries etc.).

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Kristina Peters, the founder of PsySOULogy tells:

“A painful relationship pushed me into a crisis, an abyss, I hardly had an idea of before. 

In these darkest hours, the Lakota Way emerged in my life. Drenched in sweat I was taking part in sweat lodge ceremonies. For the first time in my life, I really learned to sit still, open up, listen and receive. I felt that the spiritual world in all its diversity is always there.

The knowledge I acquired during my education interweaved with my spiritual experiences and inspirations. 

My way of coaching changed. I started to trust my medial abilities a bit more and gave space to the inspirations suddenly occuring in my consciousness. Very often these were the most touching, transforming and truthful moments for people.

Something completely new began to grow. PsySOULogy was about to be born.”


On this site you can find all the details for starting a coaching process with PsySOULogy. You´ll find details about pricing, the flexibilty we offer you for designing your very own coaching process and other questions you might have.

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Here, PsySOULogy introduces current projects. 

Freieres Leben | Shifting Toxic Relationships
Herzensheld – Personality development on the pathway of your soul´s vocation


PsySOULogy is always transpersonally oriented. The Lakota say: “Mitakuje o’jasin” – which means: “for all my relatives”.

Like a carpet consists of many individual fibers in different colors, every work of an individual is  embedded in and the result of a bigger picture.
One fiber alone doesn´t warm you nor can it form a beautiful carpet alone. On this page you´ll find links to people we trust and who surrender to work with elation and joy for the wellbeing of all.

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If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to reach out to us. For booking a prelimenary talk, just use the link to our booking calendar (see below). 



“I´m inviting you to enter a safe space, where you can just calm down, be yourself and tell, what has to be said. Take a seat – and rest. Drop any concepts and your imagination, that you have to be prepared and – just relax into that space.
In around 20 minutes we try to see, sense and find the words for that central issue on your individual path of life that needs consideration and solution now.
In these 20 minutes, we both can find out, if a collaboration feels right or not. There´s no obligation – no pressure nor force. I´m looking forward to get to know to you!”