PsySOULogy was founded by Kristina Peters, a trained psychologist and behavioral psychotherapist with a professional experience for over nine years. Drawn by an inner call, she additionally started her own projects as a holistic self-empowerment coach (see projects).

Attracted by the ancient wisdom of Vedic or Buddhist scriptures and practices, her fascination and curiosity for classical psychology was always interveawing with spirituality.

Visiting monastries and ashrams, she experienced the power of true silence and surrender, as well as education in specific techniques of self-contemplation, meditation and Bhakti Yoga. Since then, she´s a continuous practitioner. 

She says:

„I was always seeking for a deeper purpose beyond the superficial phenomena in this world. Somehow I sensed slight changes in atmospheres and moods compared to the people around me from a very young age on, but was insecure about it, because the feedback in my childhood negated such sentiments. So I learned to distrust my own perception and feelings. 

Sometimes there were answers and inspirations occurring. Distrust blocked the door to this “intuitive” medial ability (which I believe everyone has!).

At university and during the education as behavioral psychotherapist, I acquired knowledge and skills to help people. Assisting in changing their dysfunctional beliefs, habits and patterns was my job. I was „treating“ their “mental disorders”.

In a way I loved the job in psychiatry because it was generating a benefit for others. While I was really successful, in what I was doing, it started to feel weird. 

Following manualized therapy guidelines and aligning my actions towards diagnostic labels felt tight and limiting to me. 

The goal of “making people work again” wasn´t what I was here for. And how could there be a real benefit for those people, who felt obliged to agree to therapy, because they´d loose financial or governmental support if they didn´t?
Who was I to try to convince people of something, they weren´t convinced of at all?
The contradiction to my values got more and more visible. I wanted to respect the free will of erveryone and believed in self-empowerment! 

I was constantly asking myself: What about purpose? What about the vocation, intuition and the whispering soul of all these people?

Don´t get me wrong: Psychotherapy plays a very important role in this world. Back then it was only me, being in the wrong place.

My mission was a different one: Accompanying people on eye level, trusting their own wisdom, self-healing powers and self-determination.
I needed a new framework for that! Spirituality and my own medial abilities had to be part of my work!

Peter A. Levine, developer of the Somatic Experience approach integrated the basic principles of the Dharma in his work. Meanwhile also MBSR by Jon Kabat-Zinn is well accepted in the field of psychotherapy. 
Proofs, that an interaction between psychology and spirituality is already given.

The wisdom and approaches for accessing the human mind are already there since thousands of years. The scientific paradigm is still struggling to open up to spirituality and its important part of human nature. Even if devotion, belief and surrender to a higher source has been an essential part in all cultures of human history ever since.

We´re all longing for purpose, connection, vitality and a more simple and authentical life. Especially in these times, where we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of information, expectations and pressure – we´re about to loose grip. 

So many people crave to experience their life fully and yearn for something beyond the superficial world we can see and grasp. But the painful hunger for authenticity gets covered by a huge variety of distractions (Social Media, internet in general, drugs, food etc.). 

There´s one common deep longing: We want to be and act without being forced to pretend. But we feel like we can´t! I am convinced that many occuring „diseases“ nowadays surface, because we´re tired of faking somebody, we are not. We long for something, we´ve almost forgotten: Our true self.

But authenticity scares the hell out of us, because we fear rejection, devaluation and the surface of our shadow issues. It may become visible, that we´re lazy, irresponsible, addicted, harming, manipulative, lying or cheating (ourselves or others). So we long for, what we´re scared of.

If we really want to be “true”, then we also need to face the lies and excuses, we keep on telling ourselves and others. The gap between who we truly are and who we want (or pretend) to be will show.

Being real asks us to be sincere to ourselves. Authenticity starts by guiding yourself home. Sometimes that happens in absence of options, like in my case.

The connection to the spiritual world in all its diversity was constantly part of my life. Sometimes it was stronger, sometimes weaker.

A painful relationship pushed me into a crisis – an abyss, I hardly had an idea of before.


In the darkest hours of my life, the Lakota Way emerged in my life. Drenched in sweat I was taking part in sweat lodge ceremonies. For the first time in my life, I really learned to sit still, open up, listen and receive.
Here I truly felt, that the spiritual world in all its diversity is always there. Nourishment and healing-powers flow. It´s just on us to ask and being open for it (the hardest part!)..

Knowledge turned into experience: The Absence of any judgement, unconditional love and the warm embrace of all my facets, including dark spots and self-deceptions: WE ARE TRULY LOVED!!!

That was and is sometimes hard to handle – because we´re really good in rejecting and judging ourselves.

Additionally we´re human beings with all the challenges coming along with that.

Picture showing a Lakota-sweat-lodge and the sacred fireplace before the start of the ceremony

The spiritual part of our being is all within ourselves and can´t be found in the outer world, unless we start to express it in our daily lives.

Thinking or talking about spirituality is something completely different as really living it. You can meditate, sitting on your cushion, experiencing deep harmony and connection at home, while you might act unconscious and disconnected once you leave the house. 
That´s where the Ego and hidden shadow parts kick in. 

It´s an ongoing process to establish and maintain a genuine balance between individual human needs and an authentic compassion, that extends the doorstep of your comfort zone. 

In the process of my path, the knowledge I acquired during my education began to merge with my spiritual experiences and inspirations. Something new began to grow.

My way of coaching changed. I started to trust my medial abilities and gave space to the inspirations suddenly occurring in my consciousness. Very often these were the most touching, transforming and truthful moments for people.

Following that path I realized: Once a connection to the true self (and the spiritual part of our existence) is established, everyone can become more aware and clear about oneself.
It still brings me to tears when people stop to judge, attack or harm themselves (unconsciously), because love is radiating through the powerful decision to choose a more peaceful, understanding and accepting relationship with themselves.

PsySOULogy was founded precisely for this purpose: to help people creating an aware, meaningful and self-determined life based on a truly authentic, conscious and loving relationship with themselves.

The extend of awareness, authenticity, joy and truthfulness of each individual has a positive effect on all of us.
PsySOULogy is transpersonal. As the Lakota say: „Mitakuje o´jasin“ meaning „for all my relatives“.

“What you heal inside yourself, you also heal in and for the outer world. Your true joy and innocent laughter have a power you don´t even have an idea of!
Laugh, dance, cry, love and pray joyfully. Thus, you wake and shake the true core of all of us. That´s how you can celebrate gratitude.”

Every person has a very own way of accessing the spiritual world and the “medial” gifts that we are all given. It can happen by anything, because everything IS spiritual.

A baker who bakes his rolls with love and awareness for the joy and well-being of others acts just as spiritually as a doctor or speaker who has the same intentions.

Spiritual connection and transformation happen beyond the mind. A “divine experience” is possible any time: While gazing at the ocean or the starry sky, during your exercise or at the counter in a supermarket.

If such an inspiration touches our heart, our soul speaks up and says: “Hey, yes! I´m here!”

It´s on us, how we respond and express it in our life. The connection is always there. We have to find the keys to open up for it: Awareness, trust and surrender.

I´m grateful every day that I experienced such deep healing, guidance and love in my life and PsySOULogy embodies my purpose: Reconnecting people with their spiritual home and wisdom within themselves.
I am deeply touched, humble and grateful that I am given the opportunity to be a part of that.

PsySOULogy is free of any concepts. Anyone can turn to a trusted diety of the spiritual world individually: May it be Buddha, Jesus, Krishna or Mother Mary – there are many helping hands. If we ask for guidance and help, our calling will be heard. The spiritual world doesn’t discriminate, judge or exclude – that’s a human trait.

PsySOULogy is not about being „particularly spiritual” or portraying yourself so. Sometimes this is not spiritual at all. I’ve learned the hard way that spirituality can also be used by the ego as a selfish strategy to feed an unhealthy spiritual narcissism. That’s NOT what PsySOULogy is about.

We all have our own energetic signature, our own rhythms, pace and individual access to the source. Every path in life is unique. No healer, coach nor guru should be allowed to rewrite your story or dispose about you!

It´s more important than ever, that we all start to express surrender to the true self in our very own ways. This also includes self-care, listening to your own intuition and setting healthy boundaries!

Nothing is more important than trusting your own “medial” ability and intuition, instead of getting caught up in other people’s subjective narratives and identifying yourself with their judgments.

That’s why PsySOULogy never imposes anything on you. Your free will is always seen and respected, we just offer a mirror of self-reflection.

PsySOULogy wants to accompany you in establishing a healthy relationship to yourself – to all your inner aspects and the voice of your higher self. Thus the prerequisites for an individual, meaningful and self-determined life can slowly unfold.“