Coaching - Sequence of Events

Prelimenary Talk

One non-binding prelimenary talk is free for everyone. We take time to get to know each other and to let your topics unfold. The preliminary talk can easily be booked via my booking calendar.

Once you open the booking calendar, you´ll have several options. You select the option “prelimenary talk”.

The booking confirmation you will automatically receive per Mail, will contain a link for an individual zoom call. You can use that link or – if you prefer a voice call (without video), you can leave your phone number during the booking process. You will be automatically asked how we shall reach out to you.
When our appointment starts, I´ll contact you in exactly that way.

Your call can also be held via the messenger services Signal, Telegram or Threema. The voice quality here is really good! I´m sorry, but I don´t use WhatsApp or FB Messenger.


I´m looking forward...

“I´m inviting you to enter a safe space, where you can just calm down, be yourself and tell, what has to be said. Take a seat – and rest. Drop any concepts and your imagination, that you have to be prepared and – just relax into that space.
In around 20 minutes we try to see, sense and find the words for that central issue on your individual path of life that needs consideration and solution now.

In these 20 minutes, we both can find out, if a collaboration feels right or not. There´s no obligation – no pressure nor force.”

After the Prelimenary Talk

Don´t rush into things! Let your prelimenary talk sink and take your time. Consider without stress nor force, if you want to be coached/counseled by PsySOULogy. If you´ve come to a conclusion and your answer is „yes!“, you now can choose how you would like to design our common process.

You can enter a coaching process by different options:

Regular Coaching or Time Account?

You can always purchase a single, regular “ticket” for one coaching session. One ticket means 55 minutes of coaching. In that case, this is how your ticket will look like:


graphic saying 'coaching ticket-55 minutes coaching-single coaching session' with a photograph of a desk in the background

If you rather want to go for an ongoing or long-term process, you´re free to purchase bundles that include an increasing discount.
By these bundles you acquire a minute balance to top up your „time account“. The idea is comparable with pre-paid cards for mobile devices.

graphic saying 'coaching mini bundle, 3 tickets, 165 minutes coaching' with a photograph of a desk in the background
3er-bundle (3 x 55 minutes coaching) = your time account will be topped up with 165 minutes
graphic saying 'coaching maxi bundle, 5 tickets, 275 minutes coaching'
5er-bundle (5 x 55 minutes coaching) = your time account will be topped up with 275 minutes
graphic saying 'coaching process bundle, 10 tickets
10er-bundle (10 x 55 minutes coaching) = your time account will be topped up with 550 minutes

Easy – isn´t it?

After you chose, just send us an e-mail with your preferred selection. We will then send you an E-Mail with an invoice, including invoice number and our bank account details. The moment your wire transfer is verified, your purchased minutes will be added to your time account. That´s it!

Then you can book your first appointment and – we can get started!

Flexible usage of your Time Account

After each call, your “used” minutes will be deducted from your account and you´ll receive a message about your remaining time balance.

One session normally takes 55 minutes. But sometimes a longer, more deep session may be necessary. In other instances, a shorter talk can also do the work.

To guarantee this flexibility, we offer the time account solution combined with different booking types in the calendar.

[You don´t have to worry about your personal information though: Your time account is managed in a pseudonymized (almost anonymous) form, stored locally and does not contain any information, that enables conclusions about your person. Nobody but you and PsySOULogy can access it (see Privacy Policy)!]

Usage of the booking calendar

The link to the booking calendar can be used multiple times – it never changes! 

If you have balance on your time account – just schedule a new appointment. Just like you, PsySOULogy will automatically receive a booking confirmation.

The booking confirmation also offers you the option to reschedule or cancel an appointment, in case you got sick or have been surprised by another urgent event (if possible, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance).

If you already know, you´ll go for a longer or shorter appointment before your booking, you can choose your suitable option in the booking calendar right away:

graphic saying 'regular coaching, 55 minutes'
graphic saying 'quickie, 30 minutes'
graphic saying'intense and deep, 90 minutes'

You can open the booking calendar here to check out or book an appointment.

Available Coaching Options and Pricing

Now let´s go for the prices. As you can see, PsySOULogy offers an increasing discount for  bundles. Purchasing a Process bundle (= 550 Minutes) comes with a discount of 63 $ (compared to the Coaching Ticket).
In other words – out of the 550 Minutes you purchase, you get 43 minutes “for free”.

graphic saying 'coaching ticket-55 minutes coaching-single coaching session, 79,00 USD' with a photograph of a desk in the background
graphic saying 'coaching mini bundle, 3 tickets, 165 minutes coaching, 3 coaching sessions, 228,00 USD, 4,0% discount
graphic saying 'coaching maxi bundle, 5 tickets, 275 minutes coaching, 371 USD, 6,0% discount
graphic saying 'coaching process bundle, 10 tickets, 550 minutes coaching, 10 coaching sessions, 727 USD, 8,0% dicount'

*The prices shown do not include sales tax. The offered digital services of PsySOULogy LLC on this page are fully individualized, created and manually adjusted. Because of that, the instance of fully automated “digital goods and services” of “distance selling” is not applicable here. Depending on your country/state of residency, sales taxes may be added to a new subtotal. You can contact us for further questions: